Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Soup Nazi

The Soup Nazi came to my mind tonight . . . I was thinking about my dad and my strict upbringing and how rigid he was. I actually think he rarely enjoyed life for fear that he would be caught off guard and someone would get away with bending one of his rules. He hated laughter unless it was his joke and was getting the reaction he was looking for . . . at least this is how I remember him. He had that same intense look in his eyes as the Soup Nazi . . . .

gotta look at life with a little humor sometimes
This episode of Seinfeld and the character of the Soup Nazi has to be one of the highlights of Seinfeld . . . it is definitely one of the best of the classics and I enjoy it as the first time I saw it every time I see it again. And I never get tired of it . . . in fact, I find another detail each time.

"The Soup Nazi"
Seinfeld episode #116, Season 7, September 1995
The character is a stone-faced immigrant chef with a thick moustache, renowned throughout Manhattan for his delicious soups. He demands that all customers in his restaurant meticulously follow his strict queuing, ordering, and payment policies. Failure to adhere to his demands brings the admonishment, "No soup for you!", whereupon the customer is refunded and denied his order.

The episode opens with Jerry going on and on about the delicious soups made by the Soup Nazi, making sure to "prep" George on the strict code of behavior required by the Soup Nazi in his store. But OMG . . . George makes a mistake while ordering soup by questioning the absence of bread, and is subsequently refused service.

(George notices he didn't get any bread with his soup.)

George: I didn't get any bread.

Jerry: Just forget it. Let it go.

George: Um, excuse me; I think you forgot my bread.

Soup Nazi: You want bread?

George: Yes please.

Soup Nazi: $3.00!

George: What?

Soup Nazi: No soup for you! (Snaps fingers.)

(The cashier takes away George's soup and gives him back his money.)

A while later . . .

George: I don't see how you can sit there eating

that and not even offer me any.

Jerry: I gave you a taste. What do you want?

: Why can't we share?

Jerry: I told you not to say anything!

You can't go in there, brazenly flout the rules,

and then think I'm going to share with you!

George: Do you hear yourself?

Jerry: I'm sorry.

This is what comes from living under a Nazi regime!

Meanwhile, Elaine purchases an antique armoire, but cannot move it into the building on a Sunday and leaves Kramer to guard the armoire--which she must leave on the sidewalk. Elaine goes to purchase some soup, however, her behavior at the Soup Nazi's restaurant prompts him to shout, "No soup for you!" and ban her for one year.

Elaine's armoire is then stolen by a pair of homosexual "street toughs" who intimidate Kramer.

Kramer gains favor with the Soup Nazi and gives Kramer his own antique armoire. Kramer gives the armoire to Elaine as a replacement for her stolen one.

Elaine thanks the Soup Nazi for the armoire, but he declares that he never would have given it to Kramer if he knew it was for Elaine.

Elaine discovers the Soup Nazi's secret recipes in the old armoire and seeks revenge against him, taunting him, possibly also informing him for the first time of his popular nickname: "You're finished, Soup Nazi!"

This victory comes with a price, as the Soup Nazi decides to sell his remaining stock and close the business, to the dismay of everyone who loves his delicious soups.

Here are classic moments from this episode:

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libby;; said...

I love this episode so very much. It's funny each time you watch it.


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