Friday, November 19, 2010

K-Mart Blue Light Special . . . back in the day

This image represents the 1970's from a 1996 Kmart calendar
 tracing the history of Kmart through the decades. 
The image is being used for fair use purposes only. Copyright All rights reserved by KaizenVerdant

Does anyone remember the original blue light specials at K-Mart?  

When least expected, the blue light (a mobile police light) would light up at a specific section of the store where a discount was being offered.  Simultaneously, the speakers would be blaring "attention Kmart shoppers" . . . announcing what the special was, directing customers to the flashing blue light.

Actually, the phrase "attention Kmart shoppers" is part of American pop culture history.  Did you know it was included in the movies Troop Beverly Hills, Six Days Seven Nights and Beetlejuice?

The original marketing plan of the Blue Light Special was first introduced in 1965 and was retired in 1991.  Various marketing campaigns using the phrase have come and gone, but none of the revivals had the excitement of the original concept at the peak of Kmart's success.


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Tony . . . WOW I had no idea the blue light specials were a worldwide thing! Yeah, bring them back with the super low prices to go with them :-)

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