Friday, December 17, 2010

Atari Games

Remember when Atari Games became wildly popular in the 80's?

Computers were not far behind although we didn't have an inkling of how far we'd be thrust into a world called the internet that would be the ultimate of entertainment.  As far as we were concerned, Atari Games were space-age technology . . . a huge leap from board games and playing cards, the games enjoyed in our childhood days.   

Little did we know what was to follow . . . 
it was beyond our wildest dreams.

These were my favorites . . .

Technology seemed to have fast forwarded to the computer age
after Atari . . . it was an awesome time to experience the changes.

What were your favorite Atari games?


JJ said...

I got one for my kids, and I became obsessed with it. I would watch TV while playing Space Invaders without looking at the game.

Liz said...

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Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

My hubby loved his Atari, I never played one =(

Jackie said...

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MAC said...

My favorite was one of the space games and I believe it was the Space Invaders. Actually I bought the game for my son, yeah right! I loved it. Thanks for the memories.

Nellie - Sockertussen said...

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wacki04@TheKing'sCourt IV said...

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Lisa said...

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shopannies said...

we had one when I was a kid we had a wonderful time growing up in the atari era now my children who are in their teens all love to play the old fashioned nintendo as well

I am a new follower of yours stop by to visit my blog if you find time

Erica K said...

LOVED river rapid.

new follower from stalking saturday


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